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Welcome to my homepage, my name is Scott Sellers and I am a Software Developer from Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Currently I work for a company called Callcredit Information Group at their head offices in Leeds. Before we go any further I need to be clear ANYTHING I SAY OR DO ON THIS SITE IS MY OWN WORK/OPINION AND DOES NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OR TECHNOLOGIES OF MY EMPLOYER! Sorry to add that in capitals but in todays world you often need to be very explicit about such things.

During my employment now, I have worked on with a range of languages and technologies from old legacy systems written in C++ and VB6 to modern cloud services hosted in Windows Azure, to be honest my approach is I love learning new things in order to solve a problem!

What is the purpose of this site?

The main purpose of this site is to practice my web development skills, this site is hosted using Windows Azure and I hope over the coming months to add some personal projects and applications to it as a sandbox for learning.

Contact Information

I am always looking for feedback about my site and my blog.

I can be contacted via social media:


My twitter handle is @scottdsellers and is my preferred method of interaction but feel free to post comments on relevant blog posts of interest. I do get to review these before publishing but I am happy and willing to publish criticisms (provided they are constructive and not spam)


Here is my Google+ profile that I have setup to enable you to contact me, so please feel free to do so.


For more details about my career and professional experience please view my LinkedIn profile.

Personal Projects

At the moment I am learning about lots of frameworks related to JavaScript as well as the JavaScript language itself. My recent focus has been more towards the web development area but I have been focusing on a few areas.


Currently I am looking into a lot of areas around JavaScript and I am becoming a bit of a JavaScript bore. I am currently reading "JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford. I really do like the language and feel it can be used to develop some excellent applications on the web.


Another area of interest for me at the moment is Node.js and some of the excellent frameworks for it. Recently, I have been looking at the Express.js web framework for developing Node.js applications. As part of this I have also been taking a look at the view engines Jade and EJS.


I am a huge fan of AngularJS, to be honest by what I read I think it is targeted at people like me. What I mean by this is that tradionally I was a "back-end" development person, who has found himself working more in the "front-end" and AngularJS is great for that. I suspect that if you are a traditional "front-end" developer that you might not like AngularJS and I guess the purpose of AngularJS 2.0 is to try and get you on board (I think that probably won't work, as once you get a perception of something its hard to change, but thats not a topic for here!)

At the moment I am reading a book called "Angularjs: Up and Running" by Shyam Seshadri & Brad Green.

Planned Projects

At the moment I am still really reading articles and watching initial tutorials about these subjects, but I have at work run Coding Dojos about Angular.

Moving forward I will be planning some personal projects and blogs about my learning in these areas. I think the main project will be related to a website I maintain for my local bowling club (see bowls section) and I think I will combine these areas of interest to revamp their website and add a system to update the league tables when users enter results. I think this project should be simple enough to do but complex enough to re-enforce my understanding in these areas. I will be blogging about this when I get around to doing it, so if your are interested keep an eye out for it.